Fall In Englewood

November 17, 2006

Turtles are basking during this Indian Summer.


Fall In Tribeca

November 17, 2006

Sony Playstation 3 Launch

November 17, 2006

There is no suprise here about the holiday buzz and long lines for a game system. Since I tried three times last December to get an Xbox 360 only to succumb to failure. I went early on the eve of the release, but there were others who camped out over 24 hours. Then, supplies just dwindled to what seemed like forever. (I finally got one… 6 months later.)

I’m not as interested in the PS3. You see, gamers take allegiance to the system they feel comfortable with. (Although I have both.) Fans of the Xbox, will want the 360. And fans of the Playstation 1 and 2 will want the PS3. It’s a natural progression. For me, I guess it is more of a price issue, starting at a hefty $499 for the 20 GB PS3, then $599 for the 60 GB version. For someone who views it as a videogame console AND a Blu-ray player, may find the system to be worth it. I think I will more likely wait for the Nintendo Wii (Nov 19th), because it will be affordable at $250. Plus, I always liked Nintendo’s look and feel. (ah, memories of the Super NES) AND it’s just pure fun.

Pictured here, is a waiting line for the PS3 at a NJ mall. Unlike other lines around the nation, nobody is in a tent here because security guards keep breaking up the line. In fact, one came right after I took this shot. Hardcore investors wait as long as two weeks before the release date, such as in Burbank, CA. Notice I said investors, not true gamers, because after all, most people intend to sell it on Ebay for as much as $2500 per unit. I can’t blame them because the thought has crossed my mind too.

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