Digital Photo software

September 26, 2006

As a Mac user, I use iPhoto. It is a free (with Macs) and powerful program that downloads from digital cameras automatically. It organizes your images in the user’s photo directory. But I’m not completely satisfied with submitting all control to the software. I would like to save my digital photos in my own folders and name the file archives the way I want them to be. PC-users have a similar photo program by Google called Picasa. At the Pro-level. Aperture is a big leap forward, but $299 is a steep price to pay for photo hobbyists. But enter, Adobe with Lightroom 1.5. It is in its beta 4 stage right now. And it is free to download and use until February 28th 2007. The Lightroom beta can be downloaded for both Windows and Mac. It will competing directly with Aperture.


3 Responses to “Digital Photo software”

  1. Eric Lau Says:

    hmmm, a program that organizes photos? it’s true that organizing all your photos takes too much time so i just kinda leave it all messy lazily haha. and i find it interesting how iphoto organizes all ur images by itself, how does it categorize them? alphabetically?

  2. al Says:

    these apps organize your photos by the date taken. each time you download photos from the digital camera, you can organize the set in folders called rolls. just like rolls of film from the good old days of film. another way you can customize your images can be in specific categories such as “family reunions” or “my cat”. a pro application, like adobe lightroom, gives you the option to add meta-data which are more extensive details hidden within the files. meta-data eases future searches through your ever-growing photo library. thanks for your question!

  3. Anonymous Says:

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