Digital Photo software

September 26, 2006

As a Mac user, I use iPhoto. It is a free (with Macs) and powerful program that downloads from digital cameras automatically. It organizes your images in the user’s photo directory. But I’m not completely satisfied with submitting all control to the software. I would like to save my digital photos in my own folders and name the file archives the way I want them to be. PC-users have a similar photo program by Google called Picasa. At the Pro-level. Aperture is a big leap forward, but $299 is a steep price to pay for photo hobbyists. But enter, Adobe with Lightroom 1.5. It is in its beta 4 stage right now. And it is free to download and use until February 28th 2007. The Lightroom beta can be downloaded for both Windows and Mac. It will competing directly with Aperture.


US Open 2006

September 1, 2006

With the rain delay, earlier in the first week of the US Open, it ruined my Thursday attempt to get a same-day ticket to see Agassi vs. Bagdhatis. The crowd attendance rolled over into the next days. The box-office line zig-zagged. People complained of the chaos. Still, I stayed on line to get tickets for admission to an evening at Arthur Ash Stadium, next week. BTW, if your a tennis fan and a gamer. Try out pong.

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