Best of friends

August 28, 2006

These two – a turtle and alligator, are sharing some bonding time together. The Baltimore aquarium has a magnificent turtle aquarium, including exotic species from Australia.


If I want to be able to flip this house. I better be able to use a saw and hammer. So to prove to myself that i can actually build something from scratch, I take on the challenge of making a recessed cabinet in the bathroom. I am happy with the result. And especially happy that the materials cost only $20. Where as, a cabinet would have been $80 to $120 at Pottery Barn. Now to see what color the lady will paint it.

Aglio olio pasta

August 28, 2006

Thought I’d try making a nice cold pasta for summer. It is easy. Mostly olive oil, fresh tomato. Salt and pepper to taste. Cook the pasta al dente, then run cold water over it in a strainer. The breaded chicken cutlets are optional.

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