Welcome To The 21st Century, Hollywood

July 13, 2006

Remember Napster? I mean the original Napster from six years ago. The peer-to-peer software, created by a college student, enabled people all over the world to trade and download music for free. The music industry went fanatic. They complained, they sued and killed Napster. Of course, in this ever-changing digital world, other savvy copycat software companies, like Kazaa, popped up to take Napster’s place. Well, the file-sharing landscape has changed dramatically since 1999. Virtually any kind of digital file, including movies are being exchanged legally or not, via Bit Torrent, thanks to the greater availability of high-speed bandwidth connections to the internet. DSL and Cable rates are more affordable for the masses. People want more, and they want it faster. We want the King Kong movie the moment it comes out in the theaters. Hollywood is afraid that it will suffer in sales the way the music industry did. So in a suprise move, the movie industry is cutting deals with BitTorrent and Guba to distribute films over the internet. As they say… If you can’t beat them, join them.


One Response to “Welcome To The 21st Century, Hollywood”

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