I must say, Pong has come a long way. Remember the first game that came out for our home tv? Slow blips and bleeps, back and forth. A square dot bouncing between two rectangle paddles, a divider line down the center, and the score at the top of the screen. My dad had it. It was a full-sized console that played just one game! No cartridge slots. Well now, Rockstar Games has released a ping pong game called Table Tennis. Yes, the company that brought you Grand Theft Auto, which rewards you for killing cops, mugging innocent by-standers, and hooking up with prostitutes. This is a smart move for Rockstar – to lighten things up after the “Hot Coffee” mod. Tennis videogames, like the Virtual Tennis and Top Spin series, have been popular for console systems. I am a tennis fan, so it is funny to see the court shrunken down to a table and flick of the wrist. Back to basics. This will be popular amongst the Asian peeps. After all, ping pong is big in China. In fact, it includes Asian characters. Way to go Rockstar!

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