I wish I could enter my dog in this Old Navy event, happening in Union Square, NY. But she is in Virginia, for the moment. There’s a lot of dogs and proud owners. Some of the dogs are even dressed up in costume.


Spiderman Sighting

May 26, 2006

Film crews are set up this morning, crowding the corner of 23rd and Broadway. Just across the street from the Flatiron building. The same spot where the military tried to capture Godzilla (the US version). They are shooting a scene at a newstand. On the cover of the New York magazine, it reads, “…NY Loves (heart) Spidey”.

I must say, Pong has come a long way. Remember the first game that came out for our home tv? Slow blips and bleeps, back and forth. A square dot bouncing between two rectangle paddles, a divider line down the center, and the score at the top of the screen. My dad had it. It was a full-sized console that played just one game! No cartridge slots. Well now, Rockstar Games has released a ping pong game called Table Tennis. Yes, the company that brought you Grand Theft Auto, which rewards you for killing cops, mugging innocent by-standers, and hooking up with prostitutes. This is a smart move for Rockstar – to lighten things up after the “Hot Coffee” mod. Tennis videogames, like the Virtual Tennis and Top Spin series, have been popular for console systems. I am a tennis fan, so it is funny to see the court shrunken down to a table and flick of the wrist. Back to basics. This will be popular amongst the Asian peeps. After all, ping pong is big in China. In fact, it includes Asian characters. Way to go Rockstar!

I’m Famous

May 24, 2006

See me? This is at the CNN news studios in midtown New York City.

Name Game

May 4, 2006

Nintendo shocked many gaming fans by rebranding its next console as Wii, pronounced wee. Americans don’t like it because it sounds like a bowel movement. But the French like it because it sounds like yes in Francaise. The two i’s next to each other are supposed represent the unique remote controllers for the system. That explanation maybe a stretch. But the big question is why would Nintendo ditch the previous name when they put so much money into the Revolution campaign? Well, it has been part of Nintendo’s rebellious track record to shake things up. For example, N64 was codenamed Project Reality and then the GameCube was codenamed Dolphin. One would figure since GameCube is in third place behind Sony’s Playstation and Microsoft’s Xbox in sales, Nintendo would be burning money in the whole renaming. However, Nintendo’s handheld gaming line has cornered the market in its GameBoy, GameBoy Advance and DS products. So Nintendo can afford to rock the boat. Come to think of it, strange names have always plagued the gaming industry. (Not to mention game titles.) Which of the following game systems do you think have funny names?

Nintendo Entertainment System
Sega Master System
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Sega Genesis
Nintendo GameBoy
Atari Jaguar
Atari Lynx
Sega Saturn
Sega Dreamcast
Nintendo 64
Nintendo GameBoy Color
Sony PlayStation
Nintendo GameBoy Advance
Microsoft Xbox
Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo DS
Sony PSP
Microsoft Xbox 360
Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo Wii

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