DS Lite Is Not A Beer

March 15, 2006

The Nintendo DS Lite was released in Japan this past chilly Saturday. And the response was fanatic with eager crowds lining up around the block, grabbing 70,000 units. It comes in Crystal White, and will have additional flavors like Ice Blue (or light blue) and Enamel Navy (or dark blue). The DS Lite looks like another sleek gadget from Apple. Although it is not quite as small as an iPod. At a 40% smaller size than the original, the DS Lite has a better chance of fitting in your pocket or bag. Still sporting the clamshell cover functionality and Game Boy Advance compatibility, it does have notable improvements. The DS Lite now has four levels of brightness. The brighter-than-before screen setting makes the graphics even more sharp. The bigger stylus makes it easier to hold, and its storing location easier to reach. And the buttons have a sturdier feel.

When can we expect it to be in the US, you ask? There is no disclosed date of release. But a good guess would be by early summer, for us restless kids.

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