MacWorld 2006 in SF

January 14, 2006

The future of the Mac is a big question mark, now that the Intel chip will be the heart of new Apple computers. Because the architecture is the same as PC’s, Steve Jobs made it more vulnerable to the same viruses and spyware that plague the rest of the world. That’s the bad side.

On the good side, it is now easier for developers to create or port applications for the Mac. Meaning more games. For the longest time, while there would be rows and rows of PC game selections at your local BestBuy, there would only be a diminutive shelf reserved for Mac gamers, if any at all. Now the playing field is leveled.

The new dual-core processor makes benchmark performances more than 2X faster than the defunct PowerPC chips. The extra bonus will be the possibility of running dual operating systems, namely Windows and OSX, on the same computer. Apple says they will not help make this happen, but they also will not stand in the way. So to all you hackers … on your marks, get set, GO!

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