Be afraid, be very afraid.

September 16, 2005

From behind the veil of a dark shadow in the corner of your empty house, lurks a silent monster awaiting to pounce upon an unsuspecting victim. And you are its next prey. Red eyes peer in intensity. It is only a few feet away when you realise you are not alone. Too late to run. The monster hisses in absolute rage, and you suffer the most unbearable slash of pain … a lick. It’s only Sabrina. Our pet cat.

This is a perhaps a dramatization of what my dog and cat experienced when Stephanie moved in. Steph has two female maine coon cats. Both of which are temperamental with my pets. When passing each other, they hissed. Sabrina would actually swipe. I was afraid of her nails actually contacting my dog, Pumpkin, who doesn’t know anything evil. My cat, Mac, is declawed, and is a bit more street-smart. 6 months later, her cats have mellowed out and just tolerate the living situation. Now if I can only save my new couch.

One Response to “Be afraid, be very afraid.”

  1. Caroline Says:

    LOL – sounds like you almost have a zoo at your place!

    love the drawing cuz!^_^

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