Halloween Is Coming

September 22, 2005

There are already signs that Halloween approaches. (My favorite holiday, ever.) I was shopping in Target for a clothing hamper. And there it was… ghoulish sounds, coming from the distance. The child inside me remembers. And my eyes glare like a zombie craving brains. My body turns in the direction of the repetitious screaming. When I enter the forbidden area, I have to play with every creepy battery-powered contraption. There is a trick-or-treat bowl that snatches back at you. And a coffin that pops open with the scariest face you ever saw, just like at the haunted amusement park rides. But what I really want is the gargoyle statue to greet trick-or-treaters. So I grab it. I never get the hamper.


That’s Hot

September 21, 2005

… As Paris Hilton would say. And that’s the way red-eared turtles love it. Under the sun or heat lamp. It’s good for a healthy shell. So don’t forget to put floating logs in your turtle tank! (Note: This picture is not included in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.)

… And There Was Tile

September 20, 2005

The entranceway is now complete. Visually, I wanted to create a non-pattern mix of cool colors, complimenting the cherry hardwood flooring. I would have added a third color or shape if it was worth the effort. It is such a small area, though. Maybe when I get my next mansion. There is, now, a place to put shoes. (It’s an asian thing.) I can rest a bit and watch fall season tv. Then, the fireplace is next… or is the bathroom?

Let there be tile

September 16, 2005

This is what the entrance looked like when the carpet was stripped from the floor. It was disheartening to see how much of the sub-flooring was warped. That was extra work for me to fix. About month’s worth. Hardwood is now layed down (not pictured). I wanted to protect the wood from doorway foot traffic, so I installed cementboard for where the tile would be. This week, I rented a wet saw from HD, but it kept shattering the test piece, no matter how gently I passed it under the blade. I returned it, complained and got my $85 refunded. Go to Plan B. Have them do it for me. Most HD’s have wet saws set up in the tile department. So I marked the cuts with crayon. Bringing a handful of tiles at a time, I made five trips to different HDs. The whole puzzle fits nicely on the floor. And, patiently, I did it … for free! Dad would be proud of me.

Be afraid, be very afraid.

September 16, 2005

From behind the veil of a dark shadow in the corner of your empty house, lurks a silent monster awaiting to pounce upon an unsuspecting victim. And you are its next prey. Red eyes peer in intensity. It is only a few feet away when you realise you are not alone. Too late to run. The monster hisses in absolute rage, and you suffer the most unbearable slash of pain … a lick. It’s only Sabrina. Our pet cat.

This is a perhaps a dramatization of what my dog and cat experienced when Stephanie moved in. Steph has two female maine coon cats. Both of which are temperamental with my pets. When passing each other, they hissed. Sabrina would actually swipe. I was afraid of her nails actually contacting my dog, Pumpkin, who doesn’t know anything evil. My cat, Mac, is declawed, and is a bit more street-smart. 6 months later, her cats have mellowed out and just tolerate the living situation. Now if I can only save my new couch.

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